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Please be sure to specify what you want to be retouched/edited.


I can:

  • Whiten teeth, brighten eyes

  • Remove face redness, blemishes, scars, freckles, etc.

  • Add makeup

  • Change eye, hair, and skin color

  • Fix red-eye, glasses glare, etc.

  • Soften pictures

  • Blur, lighten, darken, replace backgrounds

  • Add or remove text and objects

  • Remove tears, dust, scratches, etc.

  • Make pictures sepia tone, black and white, lomo, etc.

  • Rotate, crop, straighten, resize pictures

  • Add bokeh

  • More!

Email the picture(s) (high resolution is preferred, but not required) and specifications to Larah@LarahMcElroy.com.  Once finished, I will send your retouched picture(s) to you.

I work for free, but a donation is always appreciated!


An old family photo.

A photo I took.

A friend's photo of her mother used with permission.

Photo taken by V. Mason and used with her permission.

Photo taken by a friend and used with permission.

An old family photo.

Photo used with permission.